GWT 1.7

July 14, 2009

GWT 1.7 is out, if you work with the google plugin for eclipse you can just upgrade it from “Help<Software Updates”. If not you can download it from

This patch does not have a lot of changes, just some bug fixes and support for Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4.


GWT Theme generator

July 3, 2009

came across this cool GWT theme creator today. really easy way to get rid of the standard GWT look (colors mostly).

to install add the jar to your classpath and add following line to your *module*.gwt.xml file:

<inherits name=’com.sensei.themes.mytheme.Mytheme’/>

a day of breaking

May 13, 2009

Seems like everything today is breaking around me.

This morning I took the tram as usual to get to the train station and then take the bus from there to my work. but suddenly half way from where I live to the station the tram stops moving. It takes the driver 5 mins and then we are moving again, but a few mins later it stops again, now we have to get out and walk the last part to the station (I missed my bus :(). While I was waiting for the next bus to arrive my dad calls me to ask if I know a way to fix a external hard drive that has broken down.

Then as I’m on my work I try to start up my computer. But guess what, it does not want to start :). Brought it to IT and they had to replace my power supply unit (thanks for super fast fix btw).
Then around noon suddenly the power in the entire building fails leaving us in the dark for 10 minutes (well there was light coming in true the window but my screen was dark).

Well i hope i don’t have to edit this post today (meaning something else has failed :D)


March 25, 2009

SmartGWT Enterprise Edition is released. Read more about it here or test some examples in the showcase.

GWT 1.6 RC out

March 19, 2009

As the title say’s there is a new version of GWT out. You can find the Announcement here: Announcement.

This release will bring:

Faster compile times. Lets hope its allot faster. (fun Twitter status about this:  I have realised GWT makes me fat! Lots of 1-2 minute compiles gives just enough time to feel peckish and need a snack.)

Switch from GWTShell to HostedMode. You can find how to get rid of the following warning here.

And some others. full list is here.

I will wait to go to GWT1.6 till its supported by Cypal Studio.

Changing SmartGWT theme

March 19, 2009

smart gwt now has 5 themes. since version 1.0b2 all themes (apart from the default) are located in a seperate .tar file, smartgwt-skins.tar.
The themes to chose from are:

  • enterprise (default) (from version 1.0b2)
  • blackops
  • treefrog
  • silverwave
  • fleet (from version 2.0b3)

If you want to change the theme you need to add smartgwt-skins.tar first once this is done you can change the theme by adding one of the folloing lines to the projectname.gwt.xml file (where you added the smartgwt inherits).

<inherits name=”com.smartclient.theme.silverwave.SilverWave”/>
<inherits name=”com.smartclient.theme.blackops.BlackOps”/>
<inherits name=”com.smartclient.theme.treefrog.TreeFrog”/>
<inherits name=”com.smartclient.theme.fleet.Fleet”/>

Took some screen of the showcase in every skin:

Upgrading and the mess it brings

March 13, 2009

Today i tried to update my GWT version to 1.6 m2 (a beta version), seems like this was not such a great plan. Cypal Studio doesn’t support that version yet. yeah, I should start by looking that up and not finding it out half way in.
After compiling I saw my loginbox pop up and I thought all was well. So I started to login, and this is where the mess started. The new version broke my RPC call’s. Thinking it would not be easy to fix that (well the fix was easy as mostly but finding out how to do it was not) I went back to the ‘old’ GWT version (1.5.3) and try to login again. But apparently running the project under the new GWT 1.6 changed some thing in my project files. Still got runtime error’s on the RPC call’s. Knowing not so much about the way those calls worked (the where copied from the gwt-ext project) it took me quite a long time to figure out what was going wrong. By the end of the day I finally noticed the 3 lines missing from tomcat’s web.xml file. I added them again and I was back @ the point I started this morning a gwt1.5.3 project :).
Ill just wait till Cypal studio and GWT bring out there final new versions.